3rd Party Accessories

There are hundreds of 3rd party accessories available to purchase for the Onewheel. From rail protection to custom footpads to waterproofing kits, Shredd Labs will attempt to cover them all. This page is a list of the available accessories with links on where to purchase them.

= Lab Rat Approved: This product has been thoroughly tested and is a product Shredd Labs recommends.

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With over 10 tires to choose from, it can get a little confusing to determine what’s right for you. You can click on the tires below to purchase them but you might want to read our “Onewheel Tire Options – Which is Right for You” post before purchasing. You can also watch our “How to Change the Onewheel tire” to help with the tire change.


Believe it or not, there are 8 different aftermarket footpads (and counting) available for the Onewheel. Depending on if you’re a trail rider, curb grinder, or street cruiser, you might want to read our “Onewheel Footpad Options” post first where we review each footpad in detail.


There is no shortage of third party fenders on the market. We go over the pros and cons of each one available in our “Onewheel Fender Options” post. Have a read before choosing a fender below to purchase.

Protecting your Onewheel

We had trouble naming the category for protecting your Onewheel but below are all the products that you can use to protect your board from physical damage (from pavement and rocks to rain and puddles to glass and nails). You can also read the post “Best Ways to Protect Your Onewheel” post where we review each protective product.

Transportation (Handles & Bags)

The Onewheel is fantastic to ride but awful to carry. These products make the job a little easier. Before clicking on a link below to purchase, read our “Onewheel Handle & Bag Options” post for a detailed review of these products.

Stands & Car Holders

Storing your Onewheel in either your car or home can be improved with a solid stand and car holder. Read our reviews on the products available in our “Onewheel Stands & Car Holder Options” post before purchasing one below.

Grip Tape / Footpad Add-Ons

There are a decent amount of grip tape options available for the Onewheel including surf board grip as well as concave add-ons like the FishBones which is something you add on top of your griptape to get more control out of your board. Read our “Onewheel Grip Tape Options” or “FishBones for Onewheel – What are they and are they worth it?” posts before purchasing below.


Kit out your Onewheel with some rails so you can fit larger tires. There are 2 companies that currently make some amazing rails to replace those boring stock ones.


A category in itself, reach new heights (literally) with the FlightFins.

Onewheel Tools & Parts for DIY Repairs

Sometimes you need to check your air pressure, lose a screw, or need to repair your board. Below are all products that will help you do so.

Onewheel Pint Accessories

Here are all the Pint accessories available so far: