Top 5 Onewheel Pint aftermarket accessories

The Onewheel Pint has been shipping for a few months now which has given the community some time to make some rad accessories. Shredd Labs has spent the last few months testing various Onewheel Pint add-ons and have found these five to be our favourites and “must-buys.”

#5: ProRide ToolKit for the Onewheel Pint

Future Motion really doesn’t want people modding their Onewheel Pint so they have some new hub bolts and screws that can be hard to find tools for. You could buy entire Torx sets to get what you need but ProRide’s tool kit is all you’ll ever need to tighten loose screws, perform a tire change, or check tire pressure on the go. It includes a zippered case, T20 t-handle Torx, T30 long handle Torx, 3mm long handle Allen key, #1 Phillips screwdriver, digital tire pressure gauge, and a valve core remover. This kit has become an essential accessory, especially on group rides.

Where to Buy: ProRide USA | Use the code SHREDD15 for 15% off orders over $49.99

#4: Superow Backpack for the Onewheel Pint

One thing that is great about the Onewheel Pint is that it meets the TSA guidelines for wH, which means TSA will let you fly with it as a carry-on. That being said, most airlines have banned self-balancing boards. That hasn’t stopped Onewheelers as we’ve heard many success stories of flying with the Pint. One thing that will make it even easier for you is the Superow Backpack for the Pint. It conveniently and comfortably carries your Onewheel Pint on your back and makes it super easy for travel. It’s also compatible with many of the aftermarket accessories like the Flight Fins and it even has space for your charger.

Where to Buy: Craft&Ride | (Use code SHREDD for 5% off your purchase)

#3: TFL’s Float Sidekicks HD Ultra Reflective Rail Protection for the Onewheel Pint

The Float Life’s Sidekicks have been a staple for Onewheels worldwide. TFL released their Ultra Reflective Rail Protection for the Pint which allows you to be much more visible at night. They also allow you to customize and protect your board. Removing the Sidekicks is also much easier than Future Motion’s rail protectors which leave an awful residue that is a bitch to clean off.

Where to Buy: The Float Life (Use code SHREDD for 10% off) | Craft&Ride (Use code SHREDD for 5% off)

#2: TFL’s Solo Float Plates for the Onewheel Pint

Float Plates have long been a necessity in the Onewheel community. They protect your battery box and board from punctures while allowing you to slide smoothly on curbs. Not to mention, they add a nice touch of customization. One feature that a lot of riders were missing when the Pint came out was the lack of a handle underneath the board. TFL fixed this by adding a mini handle cut-out for additional convenience.

Where to Buy: (US) | Get free shipping with orders over $150 using code SHREDDLABS (Canada) | Get free shipping with orders over $175 using code SHREDDLABS (Europe)

#1: TFL’s Kush Nug Concave Footpad for the Onewheel Pint

The Float Life out-did themselves with their Kush Nug Footpad for the Pint. This footpad has made riding the Pint much more enjoyable (now if only Future Motion would tone down the severe 14-15mph pushback). TFL was able to add a half inch to the overall size of the pad giving your back foot more space. The subtle concave and cushioned material makes a noticeable difference when riding. Not only does it offer more comfort and control, they were able to match the colour perfectly and keep the design lines looking like it was made by Future Motion themselves.

Where to Buy: (US) | Get free shipping with orders over $150 using code SHREDDLABS (Canada) | Get free shipping with orders over $175 using code SHREDDLABS (Europe)

Runner Up:

ProRide Traction Pads: These pads add surfboard-like grip to your Pint. Ride barefoot or with shoes and get a comfortable ride. Secret: They’re about to launch the same footpads but in a concave form. If you email them, they just might make you a set.

Where to Buy: ProRide USA (Use code SHREDD15 for 15% off) | Craft&Ride (Use code SHREDD for 5% off)

Did we miss your favourite? Leave a comment below and tell us your favourite Onewheel Pint accessories.

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